What is inCONTROL?

inCONTROL is your online DVR, giving you access to many of the same DVR functions you're used to at home, but on the go! You can schedule recordings, search your Guide and even delete shows from your DVR storage to make room for something new!

Where can I use inCONTROL?

The answer to this question is almost anywhere! inCONTROL only requires an Internet connection with a compatible Internet-enabled device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

What can I use inCONTROL on?

Any computer with a modern Internet browser will support inCONTROL, and so will many Internet devices, like an iPad or Smartphone. Depending on your specific device and the size of your screen, inCONTROL may look different on each device.

Does inCONTROL work with my TV account?

inCONTROL is available with all Arvig Entertainment plans. You must also subscribe to Arvig DVR. If you're unsure whether you have a compatible Arvig television account, feel free to check with an Arvig customer service representative.

What's my account number?

Your account number can be found on your Arvig invoice and may vary in length from 4-7 digits. Be sure to check out our sign up tutorial for more help, or request your account number from an Arvig Customer Care Representative.

Can I use my own DVR/Tivo/VCR/DVD Recorder with inCONTROL?

inCONTROL was designed to work specifically with an Arvig DVR. It does not work with other DVRs, TiVo, DVD or VHS Players.

When I delete a recording on inCONTROL, what happens?

When you delete a recording from the inCONTROL website, it sends a message to your DVR at home to remove it. inCONTROL will tell you that the request was "Sent," but it's a good idea to double check once your home and make sure it's really been deleted. It may take a few moments for the request to go through, and if communication between inCONTROL and your DVR is interrupted the request may fail.

Does inCONTROL have parental controls?

inCONTROL should not impact your home parental controls. If you've blocked a certain channel or program on your home DVR, it will still be blocked from being watched even if it was recorded through inCONTROL.

Can I watch shows I've recorded on the inCONTROL site?

Not at this time. While inCONTROL lets you program and schedule your home DVR, it cannot play your recordings.

Can I share my inCONTROL account with my family or friends?

It's up to you, but remember, they will have access to your scheduled recordings, guide and could even delete your shows.

I forgot my password, now what?

On the Sign-In page, use the "Forgot your password?" link and we'll email you with further instructions. It's very important to use a real and easily accessible email address when signing up for inCONTROL for this reason.

If I register using Facebook, will my DVR or recordings be shared with my Facebook friends?

No, registering your account with Facebook is just meant to make it easier to Sign-In to inCONTROL, it does not share your recordings or DVR information with Facebook or your Facebook friends.

I have a suggestion, issue or question about inCONTROL.

We would love your feedback! Let us know what you think about inCONTROL. In the Help section, choose "Leave Feedback." We're always looking to improve inCONTROL.

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